What the Neighbors Are Saying

“Rosie, I wish I could play with you all day but I have to go to work!”  ~Sandra Bernhard

“Are you feeding her too much? She looks kind of like she’s busting out of her harness.” ~Julio the doorman


“She is definitely the ‘it’ dog of 23rd Street.”   ~A very hot neighbor whose phone number I need to get

“I’ve never seen a Chihuahua with such big poop before!”  ~Steve, neighborhood dog walker

“Next to my own, she’s definitely my favorite dog.”  ~Andi, #4A

“You two are a little bit co-dependent.” ~Grace, Barista

“What a little attention whore!” ~David, #4H

“I’d like to kill that fucking dog.” ~Cynthia, the crackhead of 24th street