About Rosie

This blog is all about a little rescue dog named Rosie and her journey from the streets of Los Angeles to a loving home the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

Rosie, a Chihuahua/terrier mix, was a stray in L.A. and also ended up in a high-kill shelter (not once but twice) before she was by saved Waggytail West Rescue in March 2016 and put on a plane bound for the Big Apple. There, she was united with her new mom and their love story began!

Left: an emaciated and heartbroken Rosie in L.A. Right: post-adoption. Healthy and happy in NYC!

Here are Rosie’s before and after pictures — what a difference love makes!

Even though she got off to such a traumatic start, Rosie seems to hold no grudges of any kind towards humans or other animals — big or small! She adores everyone she meets and has the biggest heart in the world!

This blog will chronicle all of her adventures as a dog in the big city. From the people and other dogs she meets to her relationship with her fucking crazy mother to all of her hilarious shenanigans!

Basically, her philosophy is this: life isn’t so ruff after all!